Nutritional Comparison Tool

We’ve been playing around with our favourite search engine again, but this time using it as a nutritional comparison tool for food! Amazing huh?

It’s really simple to use the nutritional comparison tool recently released by Google to compare nutritional values of different foods, without leaving your browser.

You can compare values such as amounts of fat, carbohydrates, sugar and protein, sodium, potassium and calories plus many more.

Simply go to and type

quinoa vs kale 

Neatly, you can also do this via Google Now and voice search – meaning with the right phone you can get nutritional information while cooking in the kitchen, all without touching your phone. And of course once all of this stuff is on your wrist, it will be even easier to use.

Here are some things we’ve learned after just a few minutes using the tool:

  • Quinoa is much higher in fat than Kale – but is three times as rich in Iron
  • Chips are almost twice the calories of popcorn, but have 1/3 less carbs

The tool will also suggest recipes, if you Google two ingredients which might work well together.

Google gets its information from the US Department of Agriculture’s National Nutrient Database – which is pretty reliable, but may slightly differ from our regulatory bodies here in Australia.

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