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40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load you’re losing valuable customers to your competition.

In today’s modern world, Internet users are used to accessing information quickly at their fingertips. They are more impatient now than they have ever been before.

Slow websites cost sales. Even if you don’t directly sell a product or service, you’re losing a potential sales conversation when someone gives up on your website and visits a competitor instead.

Download our free guide to understand five reasons why your website is slow and how you can speed it up, allowing you to generate more business.

Learn why a small page size is important and how easy it is for your website to give your visitors a poor experience when the page size is too big
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See how setting up caching can help your website to deliver content faster to your website visitors
Find out why your website speed matters when you have a global audience. You need to make sure your website is fast for every customer
Learn about how your choice of website host can make a big difference in the quality and performance of your website online

Our Clients Said...

We are a subscription-based vegan meal-kit service, Just Add Vegan, launched in Sydney in October 2021, and we have a complex, largely custom-built website. Signing up to a Vegan Web Design Website Care Plan is one of the best decisions we have made since we launched. Knowing that VWD updates our website when necessary and monitors its performance gives us so much peace of mind. Dave and the team are absolutely amazing. We have had several serious issues with our website, and Dave has helped us out every single time in the shortest possible time. Dave is a genius and a pleasure to work with. He has made himself indispensable to us. We cannot recommend VWD highly enough!
We had a great experience working with Vegan Web Design for our new Veg Society of DC website. Dave Graham took the time to make sure we got the website we wanted, including membership, business and event listing functionality. He was endlessly patient and extremely responsive. It was a very positive experience. Highly recommend!
Dave and the Vegan Web Design just completed a refresh of our website. They did a beautiful job, were professional, knowledgeable, and great to work with. We couldn't be happier with the product that we received. We will be recommending them again and again.
Vegan Web Design's services are amazing, really professional and caring. really great value , their response time is amazing! I highly recommend them 😀
If you want a beautiful website, fantastic customer service and an extremely knowledgable support system - this is where you want to go. Vegan Web Design suggested, supported and delivered and I couldn't recommend them more highly.
Dave and his team are absolute professional experts. They respond quickly and are so easy to work with. They understand all my needs even when I can't explain it well. Dave communicates all aspects of the project clearly and on time. I have no hesitation in recommending Vegan Web Design.
We absolutely loved working with Dave and Thomas. They were fast and super professional and communicated so well with us, considering we are located in NYC. Highly recommend Vegan Web Design!
The best decision I have made for my business so far is going with Vegan Web Design. We spoke with several vegan and non-vegan digital agencies, but I could tell straight away that Dave knew what he was doing and was passionate about it. I was able to sit back and watch Dave and Thomas work their magic with only occasional input from me. The site turned out magically.Thank you, Dave and Thomas! Look forward to continuing to work with you! 🙂
I run The Beet Retreat, a Vegan B&B and Cooking School in the Yarra Ranges Victoria and was recommended VWD and have been really happy with the quality and integrity of their work and response time.Dave always responds quickly and effectively and I experience huge peace of mind knowing my website is in such good hands. Highly recommended!!
I can't thank Dave at Vegan Web Design enough for his assistance in solving my website issues yesterday. I was at wit's end with no idea how to fix the problem which I had created. He walked me through the steps and worked remotely on it for me and brought it back to life! I greatly appreciate the time he gave me and sharing his knowledge. I would thoroughly recommend Vegan Web Design!
It's not very often you can say you were thoroughly satisfied with a service but I am happy to say that I can say that about my interaction with Vegan Web Design. They worked their butt off for me, provided me a website I love that is easy to update and maintain and answered all my questions with patience and knowledge, and all this for a great price. I would thoroughly recommend Vegan Web Design.
Dave helped create and design my wife Rhea's site, The VWord, many years ago. We loved it and it was very successful. Recently her hosting company took the site offline for security issues, but Dave and his team were able to download the site, scan the files, and get it back up at a new hosting site quickly and efficiently! Now the site is back and we can feel better know that it is secure and with a better hosting company. Thanks to Dave and everyone for their help and generous support.
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