3-FREE Tools to speed up your website

Do you want to speed up your website and at the same time improve your Google ranking?

In this short video we demonstrate 3 FREE image optimisation tools to drastically reduce your image file sizes which will lead to much better load times of your website pages, and Google love sending people to fast websites so they rank them higher.

Check out the video:



The three tools we tested were,




And we used some sample images from https://unsplash.com/

The optimisation varied greatly between the three tools. Kraken only allow free optimisation of images up to 1Mb so we were a little limited to the files we could test.  Their optimisation was only 1.10% reduction in file size.

In comparison TinyPng were able to reduce the same file by 67%, and ShortPixel were a whopping 86%.  We usually aim to get our images down to under 100kb when we publish them on a page which ShortPixel was able to do.

Both TinyPNG and Shortpixel have plugins for WordPress to allow you to optimise your images in bulk rather than uploading and downloading images – which is really useful if you have an existing site with lots of images.

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