How to Use Images to Increase Readership of Your Blog

Let’s face it, every website should have a Blog – and that’s equally important for Business websites. Search Engines favour those websites that have fresh up to date content on them.

Every time you write an article or blog post, it gives Google an extra page to index on your website. In addition it informs the search engines that your content is fresh, and they will check your site for updates more frequently.

If you have lots of text in your blog posts, images are a great way to break up that text into more manageable chunks for your readers to digest.

Here are some options of ways you can find (or create) images.

Take Your Own Photos

We all have more megapixels in our pocket than existed on professional digital SLRs ten years ago. All smartphones have software available to tweak and improve images we take at the touch of a button. When you are out and about have you’re upcoming blog posts in the back of your mind  and snap away at things you think will go with your blog post.


Hire Someone Locally

Try your local university or school to find up and coming amateur photographers looking to practice. Try

smartshoot screenshot

Create an Image Online

You can create your own images online using famous quotes, or even one of your own quotes and make it famous!


Use an Online Stock Photo Site

Long gone are the days of expensive digital stock photography sites.  Today you can pick up high quality free images, or pay as little as $10 per month for 10 images.


Check out these stock photography sites,

and our current favourite is

If you’re looking for free images, here are 2 awesome sites

Don’t Forget….

Don’t forget to use the all important ALT tag when adding your images to your blog post, so the search engines can index them.



Also, remember to re-size your images as small as possible – don’t upload 2Mb photos and display them as 100px x 100px thumbnails!

So there’s really no excuse why you can’t jazz up a boring old text blog post with some interesting images to increase readership of your blog.

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