Frequently Asked Questions

Checkout our list of Frequently Asked Questions below.  If you can't find the answer to your question let us know.

General FAQs

Once you have purchased your website package and signed up online to your subscription, we'll get started to get your site online within 24 hours.

We will send you an email with instructions to update your Domain to point to your new website. We'll send you an account to login to your new website and details on how to start adding content to your website.

You will receive a professionally designed coversion optimised website exactly as per the demo you have chosen, professionally installed and configured properly. We will update your domain to point to your new website so you don't need to get involved in the tech. This is a complete website ready to go once your content has been added.

The demos come with placeholder text and images that are easily changed to suit your business. Our team will do this as part of our setup fee.

We include over 80 online training videos on how to use your new website.

Our team look after the tech side of things and host your website, maintain the software, keep it secure and can even perform small tasks on your site for you to allow you to focus on your business.

Absolutely not!

We use a Page Builder used by thousands of WordPress users worldwide. It really is so simple to use. The layout is changed visually on the front end of the website so you can see it before saving your changes.

Here's a demo that you can take a test drive.

We will load 5 pages of your content as part of the website. These typically include Home, Blog, About, Product/Service, Contact pages.

You are welcome to add as many pages to your site as you like.

We will load 4 blog posts as part of the website. You are welcome to add as many blog posts to your site as you like.  In fact we recommend you do!

We will load 3 products as part of the website delivery, so you can see how they're configured to enable you to add the rest. This will include images, pricing, copy, dimensions/weight.

You are welcome to add as many products to your site as you like.

Yes, we can either do this as part of the monthly tasks (Grow Big Plan), or you can purchase blocks of our time for us to undertake these additional tasks.

You are welcome to take your website elsewhere to be hosted and maintained.  We'll provide a zip file with everything you need. Your new hosting company will likely do this for free.

Please use the contact page to get in touch and we'll do our best to answer your question (and add it here).


All our websites have been designed to be fully responsive to work on any device, so you won't have to worry about your visitors having a bad viewing experience from mobile phones and tablets. And Google will love you for it!

If you have your domain, there are no additional costs to get your website online.

Should you wish us to perform any additional tasks, we'd be happy to help you out but will need to quote for the work involved.

Your website will be a complete website ready to go. A WordPress theme needs to be uploaded, installed, configured and set up to look like the demo. Additionally you'd need to setup backups, caching, SEO config, security monitoring, uptime monitoring to keep you safe. We look after all that so you don't need to.

We have a dedicated support system to lodge requests for help. We do ask that you watch the relevant video training before logging a ticket.

We want to empower you to be self sufficient, but are always on hand to help you understand how to do something.

We can also undertake additional tasks should you wish us to fro an extra cost.

This all depends on what keyword you're hoping to rank for and how much competition you have. For example, trying to rank for the word "Vegan" alone will be close to impossible. However, trying to rank for "Vegan coach in New York" will be much easier.

Absolutely! Once the 12 month subscription is complete you are welcome to move your website to any other host. If you do move, you will lose access to our support and community.

NOTE: Any licences for any paid plugins used on the site are not transferable and you will need to purchase the relevant licences for ongoing support.

Technical FAQs

We will embed 89 training videos within your WordPress dashboard so you'll always have help on hand on how to use your WordPress website.

Off-site backups are critical if you ever need to restore your site on another hosting provider when you can't access your current host. Servers do crash. Sites do get hacked. Your hosting company may not be able to restore your site. By having off-site backups stored on Amazon S3 storage you mitigate these risks.

The WordPress ecosystem allows additional functionality to be added to a site through the use of plugins. A plugin might provide your email capture functionality, or your contact form facility. As bugs are fixed, security issues re-mediated and new functionality added the plugin author's release new versions. It is always advisable to be running the latest versions of compatible plugins.

Things can sometimes go wrong. Whether it be with the code, the server or the network. Let us monitor your website and be alerted when it's unavailable. The sooner we know it's down, the sooner we can fix it.

WordPress regularly releases updates to the core software it runs. These are generally to fix security issues, software bugs but also release additional features. There are usually several core updates each year. It is always advisable to be running the latest versions of WordPress to maintain a secure website.

Not Sure Which Design To Choose?

Are you having difficulty choosing a design?  Shoot us an email and we'll help you choose which option would work best for your needs.

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