5 Ways To Make Google Love Your Vegan Business

Think of Google as a voracious vegan. Google rewards businesses if they keep feeding it lots of tasty and interesting information. Let's pretend that information is lovely vegan cheese for a minute. The more you...
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9 Critical Items Every Vegan Business Website Needs

If you're running a vegan business selling a service or product, chances are you have a website that is marketing those items for you so you can be found by search engines, or even paying for...
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How to Use Images to Increase Readership of Your Blog

Let's face it, every website should have a Blog - and that's equally important for Business websites. Search Engines favour those websites that have fresh up to date content on them. Every time you write...
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Nutritional Comparison Tool

We've been playing around with our favourite search engine again, but this time using it as a nutritional comparison tool for food! Amazing huh? It's really simple to use the nutritional comparison tool recently released...
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Six Tips When Starting a Vegan Business!

I know lots and lots of people who have awesome ideas on starting a vegan business, but just don't know where to start! It's a daunting experience, as they've never done it before.  So here...
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Content Copywriting Cheat Sheet

This content copywriting cheat sheet is designed to help you write engaging copy for your online content. You should use it as the starting point for all content you write in your online marketing. This...
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The Vegan Trend Continues

I just discovered the real power behind Google Trends, which offers great insight into the online world and specifically offers some opportunities to small businesses. Google Trends allows you to search for any word or...
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Top 5 Reasons To Avoid Free Websites

Did you know you can get websites for free? Yup it's possible.  But what is it they say about no such thing as a free lunch? Here's our top 5 reasons to avoid free websites....
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