5 Ways to Increase Donations On Your Website

The well being of your non profit operations relies on the goodwill of others. There are definitely several ways to help assuage the objections and move likely donation candidates to give more frequently. Here are...
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Giving Back with Google

Google is a beast. It has changed the way we see the world, find our way around, interact with each other and even our inanimate homes, educate ourselves and others, and revolutionise our lives online....
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How To Raise Money For Animals Through Your Website (3 Tips)

Nonprofits, by definition, depend on donations and fundraising efforts to be able to operate. Without contributions, all the work you do on behalf of animals can be for naught. If your nonprofit organization has a...
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How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost (2023)?

We get a lot of enquiries asking how much does a WordPress website cost, so we thought we’d publish our thoughts in this post. We’ll cover everything you need to consider to get up and...
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SAVING FACE | Protecting Your Facebook

We are all familiar with hackers. Even if we haven’t fallen victim to their irrationally destructive ways, we have an awareness that they lurk somewhere amidst this sprawling web just awaiting a hapless prey on...
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A Step-By-Step Guide To Website Maintenance

Your website is an important investment and to ensure you maximise your return it's critical that your website is maintained - just like you service your car to keep it running in perfect working order....
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Are You Up “Tech Creek” Without A Paddle?

Running a sanctuary, animal rescue to shelter requires lots of control, someone holding the reigns and actively managing the day to day management to ensure everything ticks along smoothly. Whilst you might have the doors...
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Improve Your Website Speed via Image Optimisation

Do you want to speed up your website and at the same time improve your Google ranking? In this short video we demonstrate 3 FREE image optimisation tools to drastically reduce your image file sizes...
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7 Cool Ethical Gadgets You Must Have

Want to make your workplace more ethical with some super cool items? You can start making changes today and truly make a difference whilst having some seriously cool stuff around the office. The best way...
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