How We Build Environmentally Sustainable Websites

You probably haven’t thought much about how your website impacts the environment. But chances are, you need to start thinking now. Although our car emissions, the fuel we burn, and our recycling rates are all...
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How to Write a Mission / Vision Statement for Your Animal Sanctuary or Rescue

Writing the perfect mission/vision statement for your animal rescue or sanctuary is difficult. This guide offers ways that you can craft a statement that speaks to your audience. Things to Determine Before You Write Your...
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Do I really need a Website for our Sanctuary? Can’t I just use Facebook?

Here's something we hear all the time from Animal Sanctuaries and Rescue organizations, "My website gets very little traffic. Most of my traffic comes from FB" And similarly, "I am currently paying about $30 per...
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Why Your Animal Sanctuary Shouldn’t Rely on Facebook Alone for Donations

Without Animal Sanctuaries and Rescues millions of animals would be left to die. Since most sanctuaries are not open to the public and are usually nonprofit, public help is required by sanctuaries in the form...
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35 Ideas To Boost Online Donations for Your Rescue

Focus on boosting recurring donations, rather than once off donations Provide credibility to gain donors' trust Offer more than one way to donate (phone, mail, to give donors more choice Match the content on...
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Double Your Animal Sanctuary Donations with Fundraise Up

Would you like to potentially double your animal sanctuary's donations? Well, Fundraise Up can help you do just that. What is Fundraise Up? Developed in 2018, Fundraise Up is an online fundraising platform which was...
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9 Ways To Improve Your Non-Profit Website to Get More Subscribers and More Donations

In this post we uncover 9 key elements you need on your non-profit website website to attract more subscribers and increase donations. 1) Donate Buttons The Donation button needs to be placed in a location...
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3 Tips to Raise More Money Through Your Animal Rescue Website

Nonprofits, by definition, depend on donations and fundraising efforts to be able to operate. Without contributions, all the work you do on behalf of animals can be for naught. If your nonprofit organization has a...
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5 Ways to Increase Donations On Your Website

The well being of your non profit operations relies on the goodwill of others. There are definitely several ways to help assuage the objections and move likely donation candidates to give more frequently. Here are...
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