9 Critical Items Every Vegan Business Website Needs

If you’re running a vegan business selling a service or product, chances are you have a website that is marketing those items for you so you can be found by search engines, or even paying for traffic.

To ensure your website is effectively doing a good job and you’ve got the basics covered for your website, here are 9 essentials for any vegan business website:

1) Easy to Remember Domain

There’s no point in registering a domain that is so long that no-one will remember, or one that has too many options for a visitor to get wrong.  Keep it simple.  Don’t abbreviate words.  Ideally try and stay away from similar domains for similar products or services or you could end up giving away clients!

2) Mobile Friendly Design

In 2019, it’s hard to imagine there are still websites out there that are not mobile friendly.  Google punishes websites in their search results if they aren’t mobile friendly. There’s nothing more annoying from a smartphone to be on a website that you have to pinch and zoom to get to the details you want, then to find you’ve inadvertently clicked on a link and it’s taken you elsewhere! Ensure your website is mobile friendly using this tool.

3) Professional Hosting

If you’re serious about representing your professional business online, you must invest in quality professional hosting.  If your hosting company is charging you $3 per month your website will be hosted on the same server as hundreds of other websites.  If any one of these sites suffers either an increase in traffic, or heaven forbid a piece of malicious code it could have a disastrous effect on your website, and potentially take you offline.  Invest in good quality, professional hosting.

4) Fast to Load

Hopefully you’re running on professional hosting so the server memory and CPU are top notch.  However, if you’re running a bloated theme or slow plugins on your website, this could dramatically reduce the performance of your website.  You can check your site using pingdom tools and see how it performs.

5) Contact Page

If your website is hiding information on how to contact you, your customers will quickly move to the next website and will forget about yours.  Have a very clearly marked menu option to contact you.  If you have a business phone number add it somewhere clear and accessible.  Hey why not ensure it’s clickable by adding an achor tag,

<a href="tel:075641 1377">07 5641 1377</a>

6) Email Address (not hotmail)

And whilst we’re on the contact page, please ensure if you are a professional business that you are using an email address that is associated to your business, and not using a Hotmail or Gmail address (e.g. [email protected]).  By all means use those technologies to host your email, just ensure the actual email address contains your domain name.

7) Clear “Call to Actions”

So you’ve written a great content piece for your website in the form of a blog post.  The reader gets to the bottom of the post and that’s it, there’s nothing else.  No more.  What action do you want them to take after reading your epic post?

Do you want them to,

  • buy something?
  • make contact with you?
  • subscribe to an email list?

Ensure you have clear ‘Call to Actions’ placed at every possible opportunity.  Don’t overdo it and place three call to actions along side each other, otherwise this will confuse the reader.

8) SEO Optimised Content

Things have changed over the years thanks to Google.  Once upon a time, you’d be able to set up a website, ensure it had enough links pointing to it and it’d become #1 in the search results.

Thankfully Google have really helped improve this situation, and now take into consideration more important aspects such as is the content human readable, when ranking in results.

A website content still needs to abide by good SEO principles, including ensuring your keywords are included in the Title, URL and throughout your content.  We highly recommend YOAST plugin for WordPress to help in this space.

9) Testimonials from Real Customers

One of the most neglected aspects from the vegan business websites we’ve seen is the lack of authority statements in the form of Testimonials.  When you have a great product or service, and happy clients ensure that you feature them on your website.  People are more likely to buy from you if they believe that you can solve their problem. There is no better way to demonstrate you can solve their problem by featuring a testimonial from an existing client stating you can.

If you ensure these essentials are included on your website you will have in place some of the key elements required to convert more visitors from prospects into customers.

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