7 Cool Ethical Gadgets You Must Have

Want to make your workplace more ethical with some super cool items? You can start making changes today and truly make a difference whilst having some seriously cool stuff around the office. The best way to fight for our environment is to make an impact within your own ethical business. Lead the way!

#1 Technology From Trees

I bet you have never seen a tree with keys before? Well ta-da! These are such cool keyboards, laptops and techie products! You would be the ethical-ist (I just made that word up) dude in the office if you get your hands on one of these fantastic products. iameco don’t just create beautiful, environmentally friendly computers, they also have range of computer keyboards, mice and cases which have the same design ethos and environmental characteristics.

They do this because they believe it’s better to build computers that don’t harm the environment (maybe that Terminator movie was onto something). iameco computers aren’t just good on the inside, they are beautiful on the outside too. Their computers are housed in stunningly designed wooden cases made of solid natural woods, including ash, maple and beech, all grown in sustainable forests. Each one is unique, and as the wood matures, they get better with age. Isn’t that fabulous! Check them out! And if you are feeling generous, be like Oprah and get everyone one – make the whole office squeal!


#2 Ethical Communication

Stuck in a boring meeting (again??) Well now you can get the attention you deserve by whipping out your ethical pen made from recycled plastic bottles.

Some companies are just so awesome. I love the way the pen has kept the water bottle design style and they are even refillable! Supremely clever and a real conversation starter!

The B2P (Bottle-2-Pen) has a barrel design reflecting its origin. It contains the famous Pilot G-2 gel ink. B2P belongs to the Pilot BegreeN* range and is made with 89% recycled materials (excluding replaceable parts). Refillable with BLS-G2 in black, blue, red and green ink.

With a million plastic bottles being purchased around the globe every minute driven by the current on-the-go culture and increased interest in healthy living, recycling attempts are struggling to keep up so we must do our bit to offset this environmental crisis. Who would have thought by using a pen in an office you are being an eco-warrior fighting for our planet while wearing a suit!

Feel free to go the full eco-warrior look and ditch the suit for a some strategically-placed leaves to show just how strongly you feel your connection to mother earth.

Check out B2P here.

#3 Paper and the Planet

Using recycled paper is super important and these days pretty easy to purchase and use in your business at a competitive price. Recycled paper is the greenest option, it uses less energy, water and produces less carbon emissions! Not to mention the landfill benefits as recycled paper can be recycled 4 to 5 times! Pretty cool huh.

While you are standing at the photocopier staring at the wall think about how you are making a difference and give yourself a pat on the back. If you can’t reach ask the person at the nearest desk ..hopefully it won’t get weird from there.

There are lots to choose from online and they are lovely and white using a special process, so you don’t need to compromise on quality to get the best environmental office paper available.

Check out one great example here –


#4 Lighting Our World

Okay it sounds kinda boring but hey…saving energy is like saving the world one flick of a switch at a time! No cape required (unless that’s your thing). LED bulbs are the way to make a fast impact into saving millions of tons of greenhouse gas from entering our atmosphere. They might cost a fraction more to replace but they will save your business a lot of money, last for ages, are mercury free and save the world too! That’s a win/win if ever I have seen one! It’s easy being green. Ignore Kermit.

Find out more here – https://learn.eartheasy.com/guides/energy-efficient-lighting/


#5 Business Talk

Okay I bet you a gazillion dollars you didn’t know about these incredible devices! Kudos to some pretty amazing companies out there working hard to reduce waste in our world drowning in plastic. The Fairphone is the world’s first ethical smartphone. Reducing electronic waste worldwide whilst making beautiful ethical products is totally amazing!

Their goal is to track each and every recycled component they use to make the Fairphone – from start to finish. They’re mapping their supply chain so they can visualize the flow of materials and processes to understand it better. Really fascinating stuff looking at the website and the way they are tracking all the bits and pieces it takes to make up a mobile phone. You totally deserve one of these as a reward for being so awesome. Meh, Apple is so 2018.

Check out their products, their story and how they are making a difference here –



#6 Stop Wiping Your Bum with Trees

Sing along with me (to the tune of Salt N Pepa) “Let’s talk about Poop baby…let’s talk about you and me.” Okay hopefully you are not reading this while munching on your lunch. Even whilst taking a much-needed loo break you can still make a difference!

And you can make double difference if you are sitting there scrolling on your phone on Facebook on your super sexy Fairphone! (And don’t go pretending you don’t stare at your phone while on the loo..I mean what did we stare at all those years ago?)


Who Gives A Crap makes toilet tissues that are 100% recycled so stop wiping your bum with trees! As if that isn’t enough to make you buy some, they donate a staggering 50% of their profits to build toilets around the globe while saving trees, water and energy. We all need to give a crap about this don’t we?

Good for your bum so grab some – https://au.whogivesacrap.org/


#7 Is that the Time?

There is something very humbling about trees. Ever wander through a forest and noticed how it affected your mood and filled your lungs with the crisp pure air? Trees and the wood they’re made of give us a staggering amount of life-sustaining benefits.

Well, two eco-smart entrepreneurs have given us the opportunity to rediscover nature while wearing sophisticated wooden timepieces that are natural and kind. All WeWood watches are made from reclaimed and recycled timber and are built to last. Teaming up with other conservation partners ensures no single tree gets cut down to create these intricate ethical products. In fact one tree is planted for each watch sold! This is sustainability at its finest. Wood you like one? (See what I did there?) 😉


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