15 Great Home-Based Vegan Business Ideas

Every single business on the planet today started as an idea. Let that sink in for a minute. And there is no reason you can’t build a successful vegan business if you work hard at it and most importantly have passion for it. Business owners are not generally ‘smarter’ than anyone else, they simply had an idea, worked hard at to kick start it then reaped the benefits of taking control of their lives and working on their own terms.

The advantages of working from home:

Being your own boss allows you the freedom and flexibility like never before. Being a part of important children’s events or being able to care for them when they are ill or on school holidays without too much difficulty or groveling for time off from an employer is a great feeling.

Working from home has a lot of perks and offers a lot of flexibility particularly for families but it also takes discipline to separate home life & work life. In order for businesses to grow and become successful they require time dedicated to them to get them up and running so plan blocks of time dedicated to work and make sure you have set realistic goals. You will not have clients beating down your door instantly. And ignore Oprah on the TV okay (I don’t care how many cars she is giving away) and get stuck into it behind the scenes!

The true beauty of a home based vegan business is you can start one part-time whilst still working full-time with the aim to eventually work full-time in your own vegan business. The extra income will be a bonus, the dream is alive and the kids can also contribute and learn some valuable entrepreneurial skills to boot.

So quick look at the perks (according to me)

Plant Based Milk – Hurrah! No more paying extra for soy at the Café’s or watching them squinty eyed to make sure it REALLY is plant based milk! It’s in your own fridge..Hallaloolaa!

Unicorn Slippers – Slide around the house in those and be happy. That happiness & comfort will spill into your daily enthusiasm for life and business and your clients will feel the energy.

Fulfilment – Being your own boss will come with some challenge and stress but ultimately provides a sense of accomplishment and greater fulfilment at taking control of your own life on your terms.

Flexible Hours – Kids getting an award, no problem you can be there. Need to make appointments? Yay for not having the difficulty of when/how to manage it. Kids sick, pick them up, plonk into bed then back to work. Or the occasional pleasure break, a walk on the beach or a catch up with friends for some smashed Avo. Sounds fab doesn’t it!

Tax Benefits – You do need to do some research around this or speak to an accountant but there are tax deductions available for home office space, depreciation of equipment, utilities and more. There is a wealth of information available online so check it out.

Thinking cap on? Time for the IDEA!

So now we are all pumped let’s check out 15 ideas to kick start a fulfilling vegan business.

Tip: For the best chance of success, choose something you have genuine interest in and passion for!

1) Go Vegan Consultant

You can also help other people go vegan by consulting with them to help them transition to a vegan lifestyle while supporting them step by step. This could also be created as an online course with the assistance of a vegan web/app designer.

2) Vegan House Cleaner

Cleaning supplies aren’t known as being especially vegan -friendly. But you can substitute vegan products and methods and build a strong niche as a vegan house cleaner.

3) Vegan Event/ Party Planner

Vegan events offer another opportunity for you to make an environmental impact. You can offer vegan event planning services to vegan organisations or other groups.

4) Vegan Toy Seller

You can also create toys for the vegan/ethical community that are made with eco-friendly or recycled materials.

5) Vegan Gift Basket Service

Gift baskets remain super popular for a variety of events and occasions. You can build a vegan gift basket business that full of delicious vegan treats, organic products or sustainable materials.

6) Vegan Beauty Salon

Beauty products are notoriously filled with terrible chemicals that are often tested on animals. You can start a vegan beauty salon that uses vegan products to target environmentally conscious consumers.

7) Vegan Subscription Boxes

All over social media you see ideas and subscription boxes are a fun way to provide products your target market loves! A monthly box full of delicious treats, make up, the latest ethical products on the market or funny or romantic themed boxes. Let your ideas go wild and create a monthly vegan subscription box that everyone will love.

8) Vegan Fashion Designer

You can start a vegan clothing line or that uses sustainable or recycled materials in clothing items with lots of great designs, slogans & artwork for all walks of life.

9) Vegan Pet Food Products

This is an outstanding opportunity for a vegan entrepreneur as pet owners are getting increasingly aware of the nasties in commercial pet foods on the market. Pet owners spend a lot of money buying high quality food for their furry friends. Starting a vegan business creating fresh raw vegan food for pets with opportunities to expand into dry goods, ethical clothing and accessories this niche is endless. You may even consider weekly pet food delivery via refrigerated couriers? Lots to think about!

10) Vegan Candle Making

Not too many people are aware of the most innocent looking candles contain, beeswax, stearic acid (from sheep or beef tallow) and oil from whales & dolphins! Terrible huh? Well get ready to let your creativity and compassion shine as vegan candles are a market winner and are better for the environment as they burn cleaner and they leave the animals alone! Sell online and/or local markets should be a great start to running a beautiful vegan business.

11) Vegan Greeting Cards

Pour your heart and soul into some handmade vegan greeting cards. Grab a few supplies and create something totally unique. With lots of stock images available online and lots of graphic design tools to use (we love Canva) you don’t have to be a qualified graphic designer to produce some truly spectacular vegan cards. E- cards will never compete and selling online individually or in bundles plus local markets you will certainly attract some attention.

12) Vegan Pet Care & Housesitting

More and more people are turning away from kennels, instead wanting a more personalised experience and high level of care for their beloved companions.
You can become a trusted vegan house sitter that provides loving in-home pet care that can also offer home visits, dog exercise, care for home, garden and mailbox services for travelling customers. There are a lot of services to up-sell in this niche vegan business (we were offered Skype calls to our dogs whilst travelling once!). Networking with local veterinarians and marketing materials online and locally can create a create niche vegan business that you can control around your own personal commitments.

13) Vegan Home Cook

Prepare amazing vegan home cooked meals for busy people. Delivery options available and do custom quotes for catering/bulk or party orders. It’s a busy world and vegan food delivery services are expanding all over the globe with people enjoying the convenience of fresh, nutrition plant-based food delivered right to their doors with no shopping involved! And no dishes…boo-yah!! (well…actually wash that container out and re-use!)

14) Vegan Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are contract or freelance workers who do their jobs from home and focus on administrative tasks that are similar to those of an executive assistant or secretary. Working with ethical and environmental organisations is often available and you could create packages and market directly to these organisations and offer your services. Identifying agencies for collaboration is also a great way to get in front of the people that need you!

15) Vegan Unique Jewellery

Although you might think there are simply too many businesses creating and selling jewellery (making the competition quite fierce), there is still always room for new opportunities and beautiful vegan jewellery that is one-of-a kind is getting more and more successful. There is a huge vegan market out there for people wanting to buy hand-crafted ethical jewellery, and with lots of guidance to learn online you can create items that will sell. Here is one I thought of (pictured) imagine if it had Nooch in it? How cute would that be? 😀
Image from fsbiochem.com

Now…Vegan Business Hats On!

Obviously, there are some practical and logistical plans to put in place before you start opening a LinkedIn account and typing CEO beside your name.

Things to think about …

Do you have the skills required to create your product? Or will you need to do some study first?

Who is your customer? When you start marketing your business you need to target your ideal customer and get your product in front of them.

What’s the benefit to your customer? What do they want?

What is the process? Is it possible to create your product from home or do you need another premise?

What do you need to start? Make a list of all equipment & materials you need to get started. This includes computers, chairs, tables, printers, paper, telephone. Absolutely everything you will need.

Will you manage it all by yourself? Or will you get family, friends or a business partner involved?

Where will you sell it? Online, local markets, stores by consignment or word-of-mouth.

Price point. How much does it cost to make one of your product and what profit can you make?

What are your competitors doing? How much are they selling their products for? And where are they selling them?

Business structure – Speak to your accountant to set up your business officially and legally.

Licenses, Insurance & Permits may be required. Do some research or contact your local council if you are not sure. Most food based businesses require a health permit and your local council will advise you the process.

Okay…that should kick start some ideas! Stay motivated and enjoy it!

NB: Anyone that doesn’t approve of unicorn slippers remove from your life, you don’t need that kind of negativity as a vegan entrepreneur! 😉

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